Join us in our mission to provide art classes for youth throughout Snohomish County.

Waivers and Agreements

Please read the following waivers and agreements carefully. They include the release of liability and waiver of legal rights and deprive you of the ability to sue certain parties. By agreeing electronically, you acknowledge that you have both read and understood all text presented to you as part of the registration process.


I authorize photos/videos/recordings to be taken of my son/daughter within the classes of Mari’s Place for the Arts and events organized by Mari’s Place for the Arts. I also authorize the photos/videos/recordings to be published and used in promoting Mari’s Place For The Arts.


Participation at Mari’s Place for The Arts facilities is subject to the observance of Mari’s Place for the Arts rules and procedures. Any participant or volunteer who violates this code is subject to discipline, up to and including removal from regular programming.

At Mari’s Place for The Arts:

  • The mental, emotional, and physical safety and well-being of our youth is our main priority
  • Participation in Mari’s Place for The Arts events, programs, and open hours will be a positive experience for everyone
  • All interactions with youth, parents, school staff, staff members, volunteers, or community members will be for the ultimate benefit of the youth and community

The following behaviors are unacceptable at Mari’s Place for The Arts:

  • Bullying or taking unfair advantage of any participant
  • Discourtesy or rudeness to fellow participants, staff members, or volunteers
  • Verbal, physical, or visual harassment of fellow participants, staff members, or volunteers
  • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group
  • Endangering the life, safety, health, or well-being of others
  • Failure to follow any Mari’s Place for The Arts policy or procedure
  • Failing to cooperate with an adult supervisor/leader/mentor
  • Possession, use of, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Possession of dangerous materials such as explosives, firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind.

Dropping off students more than 10 minutes before scheduled start times, or more than 10 minutes after the last class that student is enrolled in. We do not have a place for children to hang out if they are not in the current class.
Mari’s Place for The Arts does not have the resources to prevent students from leaving. If a parent is concerned about a student leaving prior to a designated time, please contact us. Mari’s Place for The Arts staff can notify the parent in the event their student exits the premises. However, Mari’s Place for The Arts cannot and will not physically prevent students from leaving at will. You can make arrangements requiring that someone must come in and sign your student out or you will be contacted.

Youth are responsible for personal items. Mari’s Place for The Arts is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and will not replace them.

Participants and their parents understand that involvement may entail a risk of injury or harm to the participant and agree that risk is fully assumed by the Participants and/or their parents. In addition, Participants agree to hold Mari’s Place for The Arts harmless from and against any and all liability, damages, and claims of any kind, known and unknown, which may be connected with, result from or arise out of participating in activities at Mari’s Place for The Arts. This includes, but is not limited to, claims involving economic loss, illness or medical condition, accidental injury, or death.

If you participate in Mari’s Place for The Arts programs and events there is a possibility of being photographed and/or filmed and your picture may be used for promotional purposes. By your continuing participation in the programs and events, you agree to this.

By completing this application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above statements.