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What Our Kids Say

Enjoy the experiences of the children in their own words

“My name is Raul I am 13 years old, and I am learning to play guitar. My Instructor is Michael Smith, he’s very good and understood that was the first time I played a stringed instrument. I soon felt confident to ask to start practicing with electric guitar, my parents don’t have money to buy one so Michael told Mary that we need electric guitars and I don’t know how but Mary did magic and the next class we have 2 borrowed guitars to practice with. Our 3 months are done but I will be back in September to keep learning.”

“My name is Cristina (CHIQUITA) my friend invited me to go to Mary’s Place. I like to dance. I am in 2nd grade I wear glasses and I’m chubby. Children laugh at me at school. When I go to dance class I am very very happy because I am special and beautiful, Miss Mary said and when I grow up I’m going to teach other girls to dance.”

“I am Katy and I like to draw monsters but I am only 7 years old. My teacher Miss Sanchez is old like Mary but she taught me to draw different things with other girls in the class like faces and flowers. I am very good you want to see my work?”

“My name is Carlos and Charly is my teacher he and I play drums. I am 11 years old we live in an apartment they will not let you play with the drums but in Mary’s Place I can play loud and nobody is mad. Charly lives in La Conner it is very far away but because he is a friend of Mary he drives his car to teach me. Thank you Charly, I will see you in September again.”

“My name is Vivian and I am in 4th grade. My sister and my cousin sing Mexican music Miss Mary has a friend her name is Julie and she is very good and sings nice too. We can’t wait to go back and sing. Please can you open everyday? Our class is very small only 6 kids I like this.”

“My name is Pedro I am 10 years old I like to paint. Miss Mary explains to me the difference between painting and drawing. My teachers name is Jon he lives in Bothell and goes to College in Bothell. We are 5 kids I like the small class. I want to put my art work all over the world. Miss Mary says I will because I am the best in the universe. I can not play sports because I get tired very quickly and here is quiet bright and nice.

“I like Mary’s Place it is more clean than my room and smells good and Mary looks pretty all the time and she is good to me only she has white hair. I am learning to play piano I am 11 years old. We don’t have a piano but Miss Mary borrowed a keyboard and I can practice in my home thank you. My teacher is Miss Sandie she is very young.”

“My name is Gerardo my teacher’s name is Anita she is helping me with Math and I am doing very well. I am 14 years old in Mary’s Place you have many rules you need to say thank you, please, hello and good bye, can I help you, excuse me and many many rules. I am happy that Mary is strengthening these rules.”

“I like the class with Hannah because it is difficult so I’m not bored. We learn cool things and I have always wanted to learn how to dance. This class shows me some moves I can use when I’m at a school dance or something. I also really like the hard, intense ab work outs because i REALLY want good abs. ” Bianca

“I like dance class with Hannah because it is something new and something I have never tried before. It’s awesome. She plays amazing music and I like to learn all the cool moves she shows us.” Leslie

“I want to back in September maybe my grandmother can help me again .Because here I feel very special and pretty and happy of course you are in MARY’S PLACE !” Brenda

“Hanna is good teacher and she is only 16 years old. I can believed maybe other girls can teach too.” Susy