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Board Application

Our volunteer Board members serve 3 year terms and contribute to building Mari’s Place in many different ways. As a group, the Board provides strategic planning, fund raising, and fiscal oversight. Individually, the members contribute by serving as officers, committee participants, and individually based on their abilities, backgrounds, and current needs.

If you would like to join us in this capacity, and believe that you have something to offer in these areas, please complete the following application.

Board of Directors Candidate Application



If you are currently employed, please provide the following information:


If you are retired from here, show "retired" after you last position title


Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on (business, civic, community, political, professional, recreational, religious, social):


Each of our volunteers, instructors, and Board members are required to review and agree to be bound by the following:

Confidentiality Agreement

Code of Conduct

You may review these by clicking on the name. After you have reviewed them and are ready to agree, please complete the selection below.